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Smithville Community School Opens August 2023!

Smithville Community School is founded on these guiding principles, love, care and respect of self, family, community and the world. We have created an earth based out door classroom, environment that supports whole child development, including general ed curriculum, wilderness survival, eco consciousness, fine arts, multi-dcipilinary, project and community based learning. 

Whole Child Education

What are your child's gifts? purpose and mission? How can we best foster these areas, while addressing a rich educational environment. Based on ten years of curriculum with International Children's Month,  30 years pioneering the way for heart based, social emotional learning, fine arts with music, theater, dance, sports, and decades of indigenous wisdom and wilderness survival instruction, we aim to serve every child and youth that we get the honor to work with. 

Specials/Fine Arts/Sports

Fine Arts: Theater, Music, Painting, Multi Media Tech, various types of curriculum: we can come up with a plan that supports your student. 

Play Based 

We believe people learn the best through joy, discovery, exploration, and play. Todays environment is tech heavy. And our children and youth are missing out on the developmental games of the 70's and 80's like jump rope, tug o war, four square, bike riding, soccer, catch, walks in the woods, building free play and more. Yes, we weave these into our day. 

Earth Based

Building connections and commitments to our inner guidance system and our earth. Through permaculture, wilderness survival training, cook outs, water stewardship, pond health, building, learning tools and techniques that last a lifetime. Smithville Community School fosters a rich and valuable commitment to establish and support each students personal communication, understanding and relationship with Mother Nature. 

Building Community 

We are foundationalizing the importance of community, what  does a healthy community look like? How does it function?> how to show up in a community with our best skills and gifts. A diverse team, makes a successful team. Building relationships that last a lifetime is our goal. 

Project Name

Tech is important, and we want to offer our students everything. Tech specials is an option for your child. Whether it is website design, movie making, podcasting, or even youtubing, we will support your child's development with our specials teachers. and project based learning. 

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Our Team.

Heidi Little, M. Ed is a 30 year educator, with a special focus on heart based social emotional learning, and fine arts curriculum, workshops, certifications and classes. Little has taught in free, home, no, private, catholic, Christian, public, international and community school settings and has designed curriculum in general education ELA 4-12th, written 14 books on heart based SEL, has nine published award winning albums, and a lengthy career in the humanities and entertainment. After all her experiences, wisdom and understandings in three countries, she has taken responsibility for  opening an earth school.  

Our lead educator is Shuna: 

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