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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

International Children's Month was founded on a spirited direction to offer the children and youth of the world a platform from which to shine, to be supported and uplifted by.

Our Story

And that is what founder Heidi Little, Honoring The Circle, Artie Kornfeld, Grandmother Shannon Cross Bear, Grandfather Bob Challenger, Grandfather Golden Eagle, and all of our team mates, unifiers, parents, families, and children have been doing since 1993. 

We were honored to begin our journey with The Earth Guardians, along with Santosh BIdari from Master Peace Nepal, building youth orgs, and schools. We have been behind every great movement of the last decade from water consciousness, to the liberation of schooling, youth empowerment and more. 

This is Zero Hour, Youth Pakistan Ambassadors, African Youth Ambassadors, US Youth Ambassadors, Canadian Youth Ambassadors, to Chief Looking Horse and World Peace and Prayer Day, WE, The World, we grow and we flow into love, care and respect for all children on earth. Which is our founding mission.


This year we explore and uplift World Peace 2023. For if not now then when? and if not us then who?

Thank you for being here, we love you, we thank you and we respect you.

Heidi Little, M. Ed

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