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International Children Love World Peace 2023!

What can you do to co create and support World Peace?

We invite you to consider this, come up with something and share with us so we may unite! Do you have a project, some art, or an organization that supports humanity, society and/or our planet? Then please partner with us!

For years we have worked with youth and educators, parents, and organizations all over the world! Organizations like: WE, The World, The Black Jaguar Foundation, Keep The Waters Flowing, Idle No More, Standing Rock, Youth Leaders; The Earth Guardians, This Is Zero Hour, Pakistan Youth Teams, African Youth Teams, we stand side by side with our Children and Youth, our Indigenous Relations Globally, our Earth, The Roerich Pact, Coral Vita, Mission Blue, Love Glasses Revolution, artists, poets, musicians and more!

Planet Made of Plastic

View our footprints over the years

Contribute To International Children Love World Peace 2023!

The world right now could use some extra love, and teamwork. And we hope you agree! We feel that a year focusing on World Peace will do us all good. And so we are growing for it!

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